Choosing an RSS Feed

The exercise for week 3 of the SPOETNIK program was to put an RSS feed on this blog so that all you readers can pull my recent posts to your RSS Readers.
I took a lot of time to make a choice for a feed service. It’s hard to make a choice if you don’t know what features to look for. Neo Sapiens, the template I’ve chosen for my WordPress blog, already has a ‘syndicate’ function for ‘entries’ and ‘comments’. I figured that experienced blog readers could use that, so I’ve left it as it is.
My Firefox browser allows me to bookmark blogs or put them into the bookmarks toolbar, so other readers using Firefox could use that function too. Then I had a think about how other readers could access my posts, what if they used other browsers or other RSS version codes? I also wanted to know which posts interested you, my readers, the most. It would be good to see some stats!. So I started searching for more information on RSS feeds. Eventually I chose FeedBurner. Want to know why?

  • It’s used by lots of people and companies
  • It’s so popular that it’s been taken over by Google
  • It’s web based.
  • It’s compatible with most RSS readers
  • It’s really easy to sign up
  • It’s free