Library Thing

Library Thing is the toy to play with in week 5 of SPOETNIK. I’ve been a member of a public library since I was 7. I’ve read so many books that I have trouble finding ones on the shelf that I haven’t read. I wonder what Library Thing can do for me? My first impression of Library Thing is that it could be a handy tool for reader’s groups. I can’t see myself using it for my personal reading lists. I’m one of those people who prefer to make their own choices. I don’t read reviews or best seller lists. I do get asked occasionally for advice on a good book to read – usually right after someone discovers I’m a librarian. I find this a hard question to answer because I need to know more about someone’s reading habits before I can make a recommendation. This tool could be handy for that. What I use now, when sending on a tip about a book, is the ‘Meer over Media‘ information available from the catalogue of my local public library the Bibliotheek Dordrecht. By the way if you like English language thrillers, like I do, it’s good to know that the Bibliotheek Dordrecht has the best collection of English Language thrillers anywhere in the Netherlands!