Blog bling

I’ve blinged (blung?) this blog with a blogroll of some of the blogs I like a lot. This is a short list since I’ve been spending my time finding out how to add widgets to a WordPress blog without throwing out the stuff I like in the default theme by mistake. This involved adding available WordPress widgets to a column, saving, then viewing the page to see what had happend. Trial and error, always works for me. For those who don’t want to take a lot of time experimenting, there is a handy list of the standard WordPress widgets on this help page.

Lesson learned
To add a blogroll in a WordPress blog, use the ‘Blogroll’ module in the ‘Dashboard’, to open a page where you can fill in the URL’s of the blog’s you want to link to. You can also add a short description which will be shown if a reader moves their mouse over the link. The links that you type in this ‘Blogroll’ page are automatically assigned the category ‘blogroll’. The next step is to get your links visible on the page. You do this in the ‘Presentation’ module by selecting and pulling the widget named ‘Links’ to a sidebar in your page.