Flying start

SPOETNIK is a great way to make a flying start with interacting with the Internet. It’s been set up by people who work at the Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. SPOETNIK is based on the Learning 2.0 program developed by Helene Blowers at the Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg County, USA.

The SPOETNIK program consists of a series of hands-on practical exercises that can be completed in 12 weeks.

My life motto is “better late than never”, so even though the course started at the end of January 2008, I decided to join the people at the Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam in their quest.

The exercise in week 1 was to set up a Gmail account. The instructions given by the UBA Sputnik crew are plainly written and easy to follow. Thanks guys.

The next step, sending the details of the Gmail account to the UBA Sputnik moderator, was quickly accomplished. I had a reply within an hour! My Gmail account is listed on the UBA Sputnik blog under the tab ‘Deelnemers’. You have to let your eyes drop to near the bottom of the page to the list of ‘Niet UBA-deelnemers’ (non UBA participants). I’m there listed as ‘hoigagarin’

I must admit I’ve had a little practice recently. The ‘Meet the expert – and make your own Hyves profile’ workshop organised by the NVB-WB at the University Library in Leiden got me started on the 17th of January. I set up a Google account with Gmail for use with Hyves – to keep track of my scraps and social messages. The Google account allows me to upload videos to YouTube, which I can then show as ‘Gadgets’ in my Hyves.