Another button!

button binnenste buiten

I designed this button as an attention grabber for a news article on the library’s website.


These are some buttons I made to be used as an icon for the windows desktop of the network PCs in the library. The idea was to make a button which people can press if they need assistance with an application installed on the PC or to call up help if some application or network connection is not working. The darker ivory button was chosen out of the five I designed because it stands out best against the default blue of the windows XP desktop.

Google CSE for Corporate Social Responsibility

I’ve made a custom search engine that searches 33 Dutch, Flemish and English languages sites (mainly .org) on the topic of corporate social responsibilty (CSR) or maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen (MVO) in Dutch.

You can try it out by following this link:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ariadne Magazine published a piece by Phil Bradley on Custom-built search engines, in the april 2008 issue which reviews the tools available and how to put them to use. Recommended reading!

Peter Carey podcast

I’d like to say a big thankyou to the SPOETNIK team for the tip about the podcasts on Guardian Unlimited Books. I found a podcast there featuring an interview with my favorite author, Peter Carey. In the interview Peter also reads two excerpts from his latest book, His Illegal Self. I wrote a short post on this book two weeks back. I’d read it in one sitting because I simply wasn’t able to put the book down.

I’ve added the Guardian Unlimited Books podcast feed to my Netvibes. It works perfectly. All I need to do is press the ‘play’ button. I also get the option in the feed to download the podcast to my computer.

From Little Things Big Things Grow

When Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, delivered an apology to the indigenous people of Australia and in particular to the stolen generations he probably didn’t think about how this message could be picked up and celebrated by the GetUp! musicians and activists. Parts of this historic speech have been ‘sampled’ and blended into a new release of the Paul Kelly & Kev Carmody classic that was released today. The song is performed by the Getup Mob (Kev Carmody, Paul Kelly, Urthboy, Missy Higgins, Dan Sultan and Mia Dyson). See the GetUp Mob perform the song.


I spent a little time this evening exchanging invitations to social networks and filling in profile information. I never did like writing CVs and luckily haven’t had to very often in my working life. Now in a short space of time I’ve had to fill in profiles for 4 different networks. This is getting to be a chore, just like my ever growing list of registration information and passwords. You can go back later to update your profile and add photos. Maybe I’ll do that if I ever get around to updating my CV!

Let’s Hyve!

I started a hyves on the 17th of January at the ‘Meet the Expert — and make your own Hyves profile’ workshop organised by the NVB HB/WB. The expert in this case was Martijn Hulst (adviseur zorgmarketing bij Twynstra Gudde). You can read what he talked about that day in his blog. Martijn uses Slideshare to share the presentations he’s made. Here’s the presentation he gave us at the workshop.

Martijn Hulst gave us a very enthousiatic account of all the software he uses in his job encouraging health care workers to network and exchange information. He gave us a mind boggling list of web 2.0 applications, examples of use in practice and statistics on the groups that use them.

He’d been talking for one and a half hours before we broke for coffee, and had spoken for another three quarters of an hour after the break…Just as I was thinking – ‘gee I’ll never find the time to try this stuff out’ he announced that he was at the end of his presentation and that we could all start practicing by starting up our own Hyves.

I’d come prepared with a bit of text about me for the profile, a photo taken by holding the camera at arms length (and a little too low according to Bonny because you can see up my nostrils) and the only film I have – taken by Bonny with my camera at the Natural History Museum in London and featuring me and a T-rex.

I had my Hyves up within a half an hour which I was pretty proud of until I came home and showed it to Bonny. “You’ve got a Hyves but zero friends” was her comment”, followed by “Change that photo, I can see up your nostrils”. So of course I spent the next week asking people to join my Hyves, changing my colour scheme, adding stuff to my profile, and browsing YouTube for movies to link to my Hyves, oh and I added ‘Pac-man’. I’ve kept the photo because I quite like the way it looks down into the page, anyway everyone has nostrils.

The whole exercise has been fun and I have a deeper understanding of why every second computer screen in the library shows Hyves. Unfortunately I’m supposed to be thinking of ways to use social software ‘seriously’ to link into the communication channels of the younger generation, maybe I will, but for now it’s a playground. If you’d like to play too, just click on the ‘add to friends’ link underneath my photo.

LinkedIn is another type of social network, one in which you can keep track of professional contacts. I was invited to join a little while back by a SPOETNIK contact. I haven’t done much with LinkedIn, except to provide a short profile to get started. I can see how it could be handy for advertising your expertise, searching for new staff, targeting people for invitations to seminars etc etc. You can invite people to join your network by uploading contacts from your e-mail accounts. To invite other SPOETNIKers, the easiest way is to upload your gmail contacts using the accounts on the deelnemers page.