Storm in a teacup

Once I’d written the first post ‘Hello world!’ and the ‘About this blog’ bit, I noticed a little link down the bottom of the left hand column ‘valid xhtml’. I clicked on it of course. I almost wish I hadn’t. I got linked though to a validator tool which promptly informed me,

This page is not Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!

Failed validation, 8 Errors

I spent the next half hour clicking through the FAQs provided by the tool to find out where I had gone wrong. I thought I’d mucked up the html code of the list I put into the ‘About this blog’ page. After much online reading, and fiddling with the code of my blog post using the edit function, I gave up and went for coffee. Back at my desk I printed out the information on the Xhtml code – more reading for in the train on the journey home. Reading about code validation got me pretty confused. It seems that may ‘errors’ are due to different interpretations of the way to use code and the differences between the earlier HTML, it’s predecessors, and the later extended versions (XHTML).

At home I proudly showed my first blog to my teenage daughter. Naturally, I asked her for help with the ‘Failed validation’ problem. She showed me how to jump to the line number in the source code:

In Firefox => View => Page source => Edit => Go to line …

This is when I discovered that the ‘errors’ were in the template and in the way widgets get pasted into the columns.

I’ve decided not to read any more about code unless I can avoid it.