You’re invited!

Here I am still trying to catch up on the SPOETIK program. I’m stuk in week 4. I was wondering how to go about contacting other SPOETNIKERS to fulfill the second part of the exercise, the part where you are meant to contact other participants to practice Google Chat. I was feeling shy. Then I got pinged by Brughagedis. His action made me stop trying to figure out who to invite for a chat. I decided to invite all of you and see who takes up the invitation. So what are you waiting for… go on leave a comment!

Comment & chat

This evening I took a little time browsing in the list of blogs on SPOETNIK – there are so many! I ended up picking a few at random and leaving some comments on the posts that I liked. The mix of personal and professional content made it really interesting reading.

I’ve started on SPOETNIK’s exercise for week 4 which is all about chat. We use Chatfone at the UB EUR for chat with our library users – or we did until recently. We’ve not been able to use Chatfone for a few days now so this is a good time to experiment with alternatives. I’ve been reading the information on Meebome. It looks pretty good. I’ll fit it into my blog to play with it. This should be pretty easy to do in WordPress as Meebo is one of the widgets available in the set of standard widgets for blinging one’s blog.