Choosing an RSS reader or aggregator

The reason this post is here is because I got distracted from SPOETNIK’s instruction for week 3 on how to sign up to NewsGator. I blame this on the temptation that the SPOETNIK authors put in my path:

Maar het staat je vrij om een andere te kiezen, er zijn er veel: o.a. Netvibes, Bloglines, IGoogle (zie lijst met feedreaders)

or for those that don’t read Dutch

But, everyone is free to choose another, there are many of them: Netvibes, Bloglines, IGoogle (see list of feedreaders)

If I’m offered a big list of choices I’m tempted to check them all out. I clicked on a lot of the feed readers listed to find out more. I’m a novice on this subject so orientation takes a while. After reading a lot about these news pulling services I began to develop an idea of the different types with their various functionality. I found this article about aggregators on Wikipedia that summarizes the main differences without going into too much technical detail. This article helped me to narrow down my choice. Now I know that I would like a tool that is web based and allows me to do some customising.

I went to the sites of a number of services to find out how to sign up, check conditions of use, privacy etc. I was spending hours reading and clicking. At the same time I was keeping a look out for blogs I’d like to syndicate. Finally I defaulted to a tried and trusted search pattern – I checked out the pages of ALIA (Australian Library and Information Association). On the ‘Events & Activities’ page I found references to events concerning web 2.0 and library 2.0. Here I nosed around to see which RSS feeds, blogs and news readers were being used hoping to pick up tips. This inspired me to start searching with Google again within .au domain for ‘RSS’ ‘aggregators’ for comparisons. I struck gold!

Start-page smackdown: Netvibes, Pageflakes, iGoogle and

This article published on the website of on the 4th of March 2008 compares 4 popular web based aggregator start pages. Various features are compared, allowing you make an informed choice.

PS: I’m still hovering between NetVibes or PageFlakes!