Wiki voor Informatievaardigheden

Followers of the SPOETNIK program at the University Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam are using a wiki to build a guide for new staff members. They are pooling their experiences to create an information resource for new and future users. They are also learning how to use a web tool (a wiki) by doing what they do best, providing information about information resources.

The LOOWI (Landelijk Overleg Onderwijs Wetenschappelijke Informatie) started using a wiki to exchange information about the information literacy activities of the participating libraries about a year ago. This not only eased the task of the note taker at the LOOWI meeting, it also made it easier for the participants to share their news and keep the information on their activities up to date. It’s a great time saver too during the meeting, leaving more time for questions about each others activities. The wiki, LOOWI-OUI, complements the LOOWI website which is a showcase for information literacy resources developed by libraries in the Netherlands and overseas. A wiki is a collaborative tool that fits perfectly with the aims of the LOOWI to work together to build and share resources.


Wiki’s Waarheid 7 april, 2008 NED2 21:00 uur
In Tegenlicht (VPRO) leggen ‘Wikipedians’ uit hoe Wikipedia werkt. Voor- en tegenstanders komen aan het woord. Herhaling dinsdag 8 april 15:05 uur.


Uncyclopedia. This is the latest tip from my teenage daughter, Bonny. It’s a wiki that works just like Wikipedia except that all the entries are nonsense.

Electricity testJust like Wikipedia there are versions in many other languages including Dutch. The Dutch version is Oncylopedia.

If you’re looking for a practice site for using a wiki then this could be it.

Be inspired by your fantasy, don’t let yourself be fettered by facts.

Pictured here, how to test electricity.