You’re invited!

Here I am still trying to catch up on the SPOETIK program. I’m stuk in week 4. I was wondering how to go about contacting other SPOETNIKERS to fulfill the second part of the exercise, the part where you are meant to contact other participants to practice Google Chat. I was feeling shy. Then I got pinged by Brughagedis. His action made me stop trying to figure out who to invite for a chat. I decided to invite all of you and see who takes up the invitation. So what are you waiting for… go on leave a comment!



  1. Hi,

    thanks for your invitation. I’m also stuck in week 4. And add just the Meebo widget on my blog. Your welcome to visit it:

  2. GagarinЮрий Алексеевич Гагарин,
    Здравствулте! спасибо Joeri Aleksejevitsj за ваше приглашение прокомментировать и вашу реакцию к моему impertinent действию более раньше эта неделя. Я себя реально получил бит застенчивой видящ упомянул в вашем Blogroll как одно из несколько. Я люблю прочитать больше о вас по мере того как вы выдвигаетесь через приветствия программы вверх там…

    Hello Joeri Aleksejevitsj,
    Thanks for your invitation to comment and your reaction to my impertinent action earlier this week. I really got a bit shy myself seeing myself mentioned in your Blogroll as one of the few.
    I like to read more about you as you advance through the program.
    Greetings up there …

  3. Hi hoigagarin,

    Thank you for inviting me. I’m working from an Apple and encounter repeatedly problems with all his stuff that Spoetnik learns us, but I think it’s great the job they are doing. I’m learning a lot and I guess you do as well,

    Your’s Jaap de Visser

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