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This evening I took a little time browsing in the list of blogs on SPOETNIK – there are so many! I ended up picking a few at random and leaving some comments on the posts that I liked. The mix of personal and professional content made it really interesting reading.

I’ve started on SPOETNIK’s exercise for week 4 which is all about chat. We use Chatfone at the UB EUR for chat with our library users – or we did until recently. We’ve not been able to use Chatfone for a few days now so this is a good time to experiment with alternatives. I’ve been reading the information on Meebome. It looks pretty good. I’ll fit it into my blog to play with it. This should be pretty easy to do in WordPress as Meebo is one of the widgets available in the set of standard widgets for blinging one’s blog.



  1. Op de vraag die je op 10 maart stelde via een blogreactie aan Woutv is het antwoord: SPOETNIK zal na afloop van het programma (dat is 9 mei) nog geruime tijd open staan voor deelnemers. Andere UB-en hebben belangstelling getoond, het is denkbaar dat het programma hergebruikt zal worden in onze of andere bibliotheken. Er zijn hiervoor trouwens nog geen concrete plannen. (Eerst deze cyclus maar eens afmaken…).
    Een alternatief voor Chatfone of Meebome zou ook nog Google Chatback kunnen zijn, zie het bericht op de blog van Klijtberroo

  2. Hi Heather, clever move, that bulkmail! You were lucky it didn’t end up in my spamfolder. Anyway, as I must have been the guy that made you fall of the couch a couple of days ago, I just decided not to disturb you again.

    See you later,


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